Static site generators

Resources for generating static sites from Kentico Cloud, including using Gatsby, Nuxt.js, and Wyam.


Source plugin

The Gatsby source plugin for Kentico Cloud is an official plugin for Gatsby for retrieving content from Kentico Cloud.

The plugin is available as the gatsby-source-kentico-cloud npm package.

The plugin creates GraphQL nodes for all content types, content items, and language variants.

Starter site

The Gatsby starter site using Kentico Cloud is a simple site demonstrating the use of the Gatsby source plugin for Kentico Cloud. It pulls content from Kentico Cloud to display a personal site with links to blog posts and projects.

Supported features

Learn more about any of the supported features by clicking View docs to open the relevant source plugin documentation.

Feature Availability Documentation
Retrieve content items View docs
Secure access
Preview unpublished content items
Filter content items
Localization View docs
Retrieve linked items and items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve content as strongly-typed models View docs
Render components and items in Rich text View docs
Resolve links to content items in Rich text
Retrieve taxonomy groups
Webhook support
Code generators View docs


The KenticoCloud.Wyam library is a community-developed module that enables you to retrieve content items from Kentico Cloud to build static sites using Wyam.

It is available as the KenticoCloud.Wyam NuGet package.

Read a blog post describing how to generate a static site using the package.


The kenticocloud-nuxt-module is a community-developed module for using the Delivery JavaScript SDK to create static generated Vue.js applications with Nuxt.js.