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Delivery SDK

The Kentico Cloud Delivery PHP SDK is a client library used for retrieving content from Kentico Cloud.

It is available as kentico-cloud/delivery-sdk-php on Packagist.

Supported features

Learn more about any of the supported features by clicking View docs to open the relevant SDK documentation.

Feature Availability Documentation
Retrieve content items View docs
Secure access View docs
Preview unpublished content items View docs
Filter content items View docs
Retrieve linked items and items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve content as strongly-typed models View docs
Render components and items in Rich text View docs
Resolve links to content items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve taxonomy groups
Webhook support
Code generators

Sample application

Sample app Notes
Laravel An official sample application built on PHP and Laravel using the Kentico Cloud PHP SDK. Displays content from the Kentico Cloud sample project.