All .NET resources for Kentico Cloud in one place.

Delivery SDK

The Kentico Cloud Delivery .NET SDK is a client library used for retrieving content from Kentico Cloud.

It is available as KenticoCloud.Delivery NuGet package.

If you would like to use the SDK in a reactive way, you can install the KenticoCloud.Delivery.Rx NuGet package and then read about how to call methods that return observables.

Supported features

Learn more about any of the supported features by clicking View docs to open the relevant SDK documentation.

Feature Availability Documentation
Retrieve content items View docs
Secure access View docs
Preview unpublished content items View docs
Filter content items View docs
Localization View docs
Retrieve linked items and items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve content as strongly-typed models View docs
Render components and items in Rich text View docs
Resolve links to content items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve taxonomy groups
Webhook support View docs
Code generators View docs

Content Management SDK

The Kentico Cloud Content Management .NET SDK is a client library used for managing content in Kentico Cloud. It provides read/write access to your Kentico Cloud projects, allowing you to import content from other systems.

It is available as KenticoCloud.ContentManagement NuGet package.

Sample applications

Sample applications using the Delivery .NET SDK.

Sample app Description
An official sample app that displays content from the Kentico Cloud sample project. This app is the most actively maintained and demonstrates all of the latest features. See Running the .NET sample application for a brief walktrough.
A community-made simple cross-platform news application.

Boilerplates and tools

Tool Description
ASP.NET Core MVC Boilerplate An official boilerplate for quickly kicking off website development with Kentico Cloud using the Delivery .NET SDK. Learn how to build your first website with it in Building your first .NET Core app.
Xamarin Boilerplate An official boilerplate for a cross-platform Xamarin application using Kentico Cloud .NET SDKs.
.NET Model generator An official utility for generating strongly-typed models based on content types in your Kentico Cloud project using the Delivery API.