Resources for using GraphQL within your Kentico Cloud powered apps.

Getting support

The open source software listed on this page is maintained by the community.

If you have questions about the open source software or want to report bugs, we recommend submitting issues in the appropriate GitHub repository. The repositories' maintainers will take care of your issue.

For help with coding and structuring your projects, use StackOverflow to ask questions.

GraphQL is a query language designed to decouple the data an app needs from the queries required to fetch it. You can think of GraphQL as a middleman between your application and Kentico Cloud. It lets you query content from your project without worrying about the specifics of the REST API that's used behind the scenes.

Boilerplate for Express apps

You can fetch content from Kentico Cloud projects through GraphQL queries by using the Kentico Cloud Boilerplate for Express.js apps. Follow the instructions in the Quick start to get started.

To enable execution of GraphQL queries, the boilerplate uses an Apollo server as a converter from the Kentico Cloud Delivery API to GraphQL. If you don't want to use Express.js in your app, you can also integrate with other HTTP servers, such as Connect, Restify, and Hapi.

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If you're building a site using a static site generator such as Gatsby, you can also use GraphQL queries to fetch content. We provide a source plugin for Gatsby (available as gatsby-source-kentico-cloud npm package) that creates GraphQL nodes for the content in your Kentico Cloud project.

Example sites

Sample app Description
Starter site The Gatsby starter site using Kentico Cloud is a simple site demonstrating the use of the Gatsby source plugin for Kentico Cloud. It pulls content from Kentico Cloud to display a personal site with links to blog posts and projects.
Kentico Advantage A full website dedicated to best practices for developing websites with Kentico EMS. The content for the site is pulled from Kentico Cloud.
Kentico Developer Community A single page dedicated to the Kentico Developer Community. The content for the site is pulled from Kentico Cloud.

Supported features

Learn more about any of the supported features by clicking View docs to open the relevant source plugin documentation.

Feature Availability Documentation
Retrieve content items View docs
Secure access
Preview unpublished content items
Filter content items
Localization View docs
Retrieve linked items and items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve content as strongly-typed models View docs
Render components and items in Rich text View docs
Resolve links to content items in Rich text View docs
Retrieve taxonomy groups
Retrieve latest content (skip CDN)
Code generators View docs

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Resources for using GraphQL within your Kentico Cloud powered apps.

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