Enable visitor tracking

By enabling the Kentico Cloud tracking functionality you agree to the following policy:

EU user consent policy

You must ensure that certain disclosures are given to, and consents obtained from, end users in the European Economic Area. If you fail to do so, we may limit or suspend your use of Kentico Cloud.

For Kentico Cloud tracking functionality used on any site, app or other property under your or your client's control, you must obtain end users’ legally valid consent to:

  • The use of cookies or other local storage where legally required
  • The collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of content or other services

When obtaining consent you must:

  • Keep records of consent given by end users.
  • Provide end users with clear instructions on how to revoke their consent.

As a data controller, you are responsible for further processing of the collected personal data. You must:

  • Clearly identify each party that may collect, receive, or use end-users’ personal data collected using Kentico Cloud.
  • Provide end users with prominent and easily accessible information about that party’s use of end users' personal data.

For more information, see Personal Data in Kentico Cloud.

3rd party geolocation service

IP-API service is used for enriching tracked data with the geolocation of tracked visitors. By deploying the tracking code to any site, app or other property under your or your client's control, you agree with its usage. For more information, see Personal Data in Kentico Cloud.

Enable visitor tracking

To enable Kentico Cloud tracking functionality, you need to put a tracking code on your website.

  1. From the app menu, choose Project settings.
  2. Under Contact tracking, choose Tracking code.
  3. Copy the JavaScript code from the Tracking code box.
  4. Put the tracking code in the <head> tag of pages on your website.
<script type="text/javascript">
        var a='https://engage-ket.kenticocloud.com/js',
    ket('start', '14372844-0a5d-434a-8423-605b8a631623');

Under Contact tracking, you can choose Retention to view the current number of tracked visitors and manage their retention.

Tracking on multiple domains

You may want to start tracking data on more domains. For each domain, you need to create a new project with a new unique tracking code. One project with one tracking code for one domain.

Enable visitor tracking